Learn everything about the technology of the TopFloor line lasers

Once you know the technical details and know how the assembly works, there is nothing to stop you from using the line laser

Visibility and brightness

The visibility and brightness of the laser line for floor marking depends on many factors. In principle:

  • Line length: Jthe longer the line, the lower the brightness, as the light power is distributed over a larger area
  • Laser colour: green appears much brighter than red
  • Work surface: the darker and more matt the surface, the darker the light appears
  • Ambient brightness: The brighter the ambient light, the darker the laser line appears. This is due to the human eye, which reduces its sensitivity depending on the ambient brightness. In direct sunlight, it is very difficult to see a laser line because the retina is already saturated
  • Laser power: The higher the laser power, the brighter the laser line
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Assembly and line length

The cylindrical housing with a diameter of 18 mm can be easily placed in the specially designed adjustable holder. The line laser is clamped so that the housing is not damaged. At the same time, the thermal power generated, which is very low in these modules, is dissipated via the clamp to a metallic surface.

The line position is adjusted simply by twisting the laser module in the clamp. The stable aluminium bracket can be adjusted and clamped in pan and tilt. In addition, a guide pin is located in the mounting foot for clean concentricity during the adjustment process. The mounting plate allows mounting from the front as well as from the back via threaded inserts.

If the laser is mounted vertically over an area, the line length is determined by the distance and the projection angle. If mounted at an angle, the line length can be significantly longer. Depending on the application, the modules can be selected with different beam angles, which generate the length of the laser line. The larger the beam angle, the longer the line.



Line length

Technical detail list

Laser power: 300 mW / 500 mW / 750 mW / 800 mW
Wavelength: 520 nm green / 638 nm light red
Deflection angle: selectable up to approx. 110°
Line width: approx. 2 - 6 cm after 5 m, customer-specific changeable
Laser class: 1/2
Power supply: 230 VAC via power supply unit
Connection module: Hollow plug
Cable length: 1 + 1 m, extendable up to 12 m
Dimensions laser module: approx. 18 x 100 mm
Bracket dimensions: approx. 150 x 120 x 65 mm
Lifetime: typ. > 20000 h
Temperature range: approx. -15° C -+ 40° C
About us

The MediaLas Laser Manufaktur is located in one of the most scenic regions of Baden Württemberg, namely in Balingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb. As a very experienced manufacturer for all kinds of laser visualisation, moving as well as static, an ever growing area of industry relies on our laser devices.

One of our hobby-horses is world sports, for which we have already contributed several award-winning innovations. For example, we support international ski jumpers with a specially developed ski jump laser, which draws the "best-to-beat" line as a laser line in the snow. Anyone who watches ski jumping has certainly already seen it.

For some time now, we have been working on abrasion-resistant light markings for hall floors and have developed the TopFloor Laser Line in close cooperation with our customers. The production takes place in Germany in our own workshops, so that we can also implement special requests or projects quickly and easily.

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