Frequently asked questions about floor markings with line lasers

We hope to clarify your questions in our FAQ section

In what ambient light conditions do TopFloor lasers work?

TopFloor laser units can still be used at over 2000 lux illuminance. Only direct sunlight is a difficult point. Diffuse skylights are mostly unproblematic.

Can TopFloor Lasers also be switched by motion detector or timer?

Without any problems. Simply switch the power supply for the power packs on or off. The laser beam is visible almost simultaneously with switching on.

Are laser lines dangerous for the eyes?

In principle, TopFloor lasers are not dangerous if the necessary minimum distances and installation instructions are observed. Due to the long and wide line, the high laser power is distributed over a large area, which limits the laser power reaching the eye to a minimum, so that their installation can always be classified as Class 2 or even Class 1 and is therefore harmless. A viewer is less dazzled than when looking up into the sunny sky outdoors. For regular use, therefore, no safety glasses or other protective measures are required.

How are TopFloor lasers mounted?

Each laser has two oblong holes on its base plate, which can be used to attach the device to the ceiling or wall. For temporary use, we also offer very strong magnetic holders with which the lasers can simply be attached to a steel beam.

How are TopFloor Lasers attached?

Each laser has two oblong holes on its base plate with which the device can be attached to the ceiling or wall. For temporary use we also offer very strong magnetic holders with which the lasers can be easily attached to a steel beam.

What is the brightness and visibility of TopFloor Laser with different colours?

In addition to the different power classes (more power appears brighter), it is also possible in principle to make a statement about the different colours, because each colour is visible to the eye in a different way.

Wherever maximum visibility is required, there is no getting around the green glowing models. Green is by far the lightest color on the eye. This is followed by the TopFloor models with bright red lasers. These are mainly used for special cases.

Are the lasers also available in yellow?

Unfortunately no. A yellow laser diode with high power is not available. Theoretically you can of course create a yellow line from the mixture red/green, but the costs are out of proportion to the result.

In which colors can I order a TopFloor Laser?

TopFloor lasers are available in green and red. Each color is also available in different powers, i.e. different brightness levels.

Do the lasers also work at sub-zero temperatures?

Oh yes! The regular TopFloor models are designed for temperatures down to -15°C. However, we also offer an optional extension down to -30°C, so that the lasers can also be used in cold stores and freezers without any problems.

Only if the temperature changes permanently, there is a risk of ice forming on the housing and on the optics, so that use could be difficult here. However, if the temperature remains more or less constant or the air humidity is low so that condensation is ruled out, the TopFloor lasers can also cope with this.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

The lasers go out, nothing else. Nothing can be damaged by a power failure. If operation is desired even during a power failure, a regular computer UPS can be connected upstream to ensure continued operation. Due to the low power consumption, a longer operation with UPS is also possible.

What is the service life of a TopFloor Laser?

Simple answer: The TopFloor Laser works until it is broken. To make sure this happens as late as possible, we have applied a few tricks and tricks which can extend the operating time to more than 20,000 hours. In 24/7 continuous operation this would be almost 3 years.

However, this depends very much on how the laser is treated. Strong vibrations are certainly not conducive to the service life, nor are very high temperatures above 40 °C. Although these are also mastered by the devices.

Do I need a laser removal?

If installed correctly (sufficient height), a classification in risk class 2 or less is made. Laser equipment of this laser class requires neither acceptance nor a laser safety officer for operation.

What do we do with the lasers if a service employee wants to drive the riser to the hall ceiling?

In the event of service, the lasers must be switched off during the work, as otherwise the employee could be exposed to increased risk. After the work is completed, the lasers can be switched on again.

Does regular switching on and off reduce or increase the service life?

Yes and no. If the lasers are switched off for a longer period of time, this may well extend their service life.

Example 1: The lasers are switched on for 12 hours and switched off for 12 hours - definitely prolonging the life span.

Example 2: The lasers are switched on and off by a motion detector at intervals

How long can the laser line be on the floor?

This depends on many factors such as ambient brightness, soil conditions or soil color. In principle the line can be up to 20m long. If more than 20m should be covered, simply cascade several lasers. By using different optical elements, the projection angle, and thus the line length, can be adjusted at the factory.

Is the length of the laser line adjustable?

In the factory yes, on site no. The line length is determined by the optics used, which are installed and aligned in the factory. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible on site.

How is the alignment of the laser line done?

The laser is mounted on the ceiling or wall above the desired line position. This is done quickly and easily with two screws. Now both the rotation and the tilt can be adjusted with the bracket and the laser line can be positioned.

How wide is the line on the floor?

Depending on the laser, the line will have a different width. Furthermore, the width changes with the projection distance. In principle, the line width moves between 20 and 60mm.

Can the width of the line be adjusted?

In the factory yes, on site no. The line width is normally set by us to the technically possible maximum (exception for the model TF-800mW red). It cannot be changed on site.

Does a TopFloor Laser need much power?

Even the most powerful TopFloor Laser has a power consumption of less than 10W, and can therefore be used with low operating costs.

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